I have finished an EBoard port for the N810/N800/N770.

N800/N810: Download here.

N800 Old OS: Download the eboard_1.0.3-10 package here and the N770 version here.


You can download a Crafty package here


This is a first very quick port of the XBoard program for the Nokia N800.
Don't expect major development because I am concentrating on EBoard now.

You can download the xboard package here and an example chess engine (ant) here.

This Maemo port is based on version 4.2.7.

What still needs to be done is a full screen mode, larger menu and ...

Also a desktop-entry would be nice so that it can be started with a menu-entry.

You'll need the libXaw7 library to run it. This can be installed from the Maemo repositories.

For now you can run it from xterm, place
your chess program (e.g. crafty or ant) in
the directory /home/user/bin (make sure the engine is executable)

You can now start xboard with e.g.:

xboard -fcp '/home/user/bin/ant -t20000'

tvijlbrief@gmail.com 20070518